I have been in the field of Natural Medicine for many years. I started out at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing here in Calgary. I finished the Wholistic Therapy program and the Master Herbalist program as well. After studying with experienced, knowledgeable herbalists in Calgary and the United States, I decided it was time to learn more and I applied to the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM). While attending acupuncture school, I worked in a busy health store, Vitamins First. Here I could use what I had learned at the Wild Rose College and keep learning about the natural supplement industry.

After finishing acupuncture school I worked with a prominent acupuncturist in Calgary, the late Dr. David Chu. It was at this time I met David McNiff, acupuncturist, who introduced me to Dr. Miki Shima. We both study with Dr. Miki Shima in San Francisco whenever possible. Dr. Shima is a very highly respected Japanese acupuncturist who has won a Lifetime Achievement award for all his many contributions to Oriental medicine. Learning herbal medicine from Dr. Shima has been very profound and insightful.

David McNiff and I are now married, have two children and run our own clinic (Urban Samurai) in the Killarney area. I also work at the Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility, South location, where our care is mainly for couples trying to conceive as well as for the pregnant mother.

I love working with fertility and pregnancy, and also enjoy helping patients with many other complaints and issues.

Some of the imbalances I treat and have had success with are;

– gynaecological issues (PMS, menopause etc.), stress, mental/emotional issues, Parkinson’s, MS, headaches, sciatica, fatigue, and more.

I am always learning from each patient that I see, as every case is different, and each person is unique. This is what makes my job so great, making connections with the wonderful people that come through my door. I look forward to meeting you!